By attending and/or participating in JapanFest 2020, each attendee or participant

(1) Acknowledges that his or her attendance and/or participation involves risk

(2) Agrees to assume and accept all risk of loss to persons or property (including death)

(3) Agrees to release the organizers, promoters, sponsors, hosts, and volunteers of JapanFest 2020 and their respective agents, officers, servants, affiliates, and employees from all liability, claims, demands, and causes of action, present and future, arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury including death, that such attendee or participant may sustain in connection with his or her attendance at or participation in JapanFest 2020

(4)  Agrees that this release is binding upon his or her heirs, executors, administrators, personal representatives and assigns

(5) Grants JapanFest the irrevocable permission to use his or her image, likeness, voice or sound recordings in any media or promotional materials whatsoever and without compensation.



Announced events and guests are subject to change and/or cancellation without notice. Every effort will be made to announce any changes via the Internet, pre-convention publications, and our on-site newsletter, but sometimes last-minute changes will occur.



Japanfest prides itself on being a family-friendly festival. However, the convention space will become very crowded and JapanFest does not provide any type of child care. Please plan accordingly. Also, it is recommended that an adult accompany all minors at all times. There is no convention-wide public announcement system, so please keep an eye on children! If you should have a problem with a lost child, please contact any security member or the Information Desk and the staff will help in any way they can.



We reserve the right to ask you to leave the festival and refuse to refund your  admission if the JapanFest, Infinite Energy Center, security or police personnel judge that your behavior is inappropriate. JapanFest reserves the right to interpret the meaning of inappropriate behavior.

JapanFest’s priority is attendees safety. The following acts of disruptive behavior will not be tolerated: fighting/sparring (fake or real, including sword swinging), heckling, impeding traffic flow, offensive behavior, failure to observe basic hygiene, public inebriation (or similar intoxication), or any other failure to follow the rules. Attendees of JapanFest attend at their own risk. JapanFest  takes no responsibility for any damages incurred to property or person of guests, artists, dealers, or attendees. Smoking is not permitted inside any buildings. Offensive or revealing attire is not permitted.

JapanFest takes no responsibility for lost items. All lost items will immediately be turned into the IEC Concierge Desk.  Please contact the IEC Concierge Desk if you have lost an item.

JapanFest is a family friendly and family oriented event, and as such prohibits revealing costumes and attire.  Please have a full-coverage top + shorts for women and shorts and shirt for men.  If men are cosplaying a shirtless character, we ask that they only remove their shirts for the contest and photos only at the Anime village area.



NO SALES are permitted on the premises outside of your own booth space. 

Anyone found posting, pasting, taping, or pinning material on convention property that is not an artist or vendor will be immediately removed from the convention grounds. Advertisements MAY NOT be placed anywhere other than your own booth area or MAY NOT be handed out in an open area.


The level of undress of certain Cosplay or rave gear causes issues with a large subset of our other attendees.  Our minimal dress standards are shirt and shorts for men and women, with no exceptions for Cosplay in public areas.  Please plan your Cosplay in advance accordingly.  



JapanFest has a clear NO WEAPONS policy that will be enforced.  Regardless if it is sheathed, holstered or peace bound.  This includes (but is not limited to): firearms, knives, bludgeons, stun guns, brass knuckles, bows strung with tense string/capable of firing, bullets, grenades, landmines etc.


Violation of these rules may result in a warning, having your prop removed from the convention grounds, or having you escorted off the convention property.  The most severe violations may result in action by the local Police Department. Please note that all rules can be superseded the day-of JapanFest by requests from the venue, security, or the Police Department.  Consideration will be taken into account for any last minute changes of this nature.




No “Live Steel” is permitted at any time. “Live Steel” is defined as any metal that can: hold a bladed edge (regardless if sharpened or not), or shaped in a way that has sharp edges or spikes.  Any actual metal used in a piece must be rounded and curved and not be the ‘edge’ portion of a prop blade).  Examples of prohibited items in this category include real metal swords or axes with blunted blades.

The props must be cased or sheathed at all times. No clowning around or showing off in the common areas. Any props used in an offensive manner will be confiscated.


Any costumes with realistic looking weapons will be asked to be removed beyond Anime village. You can get in and out of the venue with your ticket stubs.  After the Cosplay contest, please go to your vehicle to leave any realistic looking weapons behind and reenter the JapanFest.  If any realistic looking weapons are sighted beyond Anime village, they will be confiscated by Japanfest staff or by our security guards. 


JapanFest reserves the right to remove anyone from convention grounds at any time.



JapanFest is happy to provide the following services and information for our attendees with disabilities who plan to attend the 2020 event! We aim to help make the experience as convenient as possible for everyone.  Due to the convention’s limited resources, convention staff may be required to discuss your reasonable accommodation with you in order to attempt to meet your needs. 



The Infinite Energy Center provides a limited amount of wheelchair rentals.  Wheelchairs are rented on a first-come, first-served basis and may be rented out by the time you arrive.  JapanFest does not provide wheelchair rentals. For wheelchair inquiry, please contact the Infinite Energy Center directly.


Infinite Energy Center
6400 Sugarloaf Parkway
Duluth, Georgia 30097

Guest Services: 770-813-7500

Box Office: 770-813-7600

E-mail Address: info@gwinnettcenter.com



Handicapped parking is available in all Infinite Energy Center lots. All spaces require a valid permit to be displayed at all times.  The Infinite Energy Center has 2 operating buses to take visitors from the parking lot to the entrance of the Center.


In case of emergency, please inform: security guards, JapanFest staff (in red shirts with staff on the back), JapanFest information center (First floor under the main entrance) or Infinite Energy Center concierge desk (behind the main entrance ticket booth).

JapanFest is Supported by

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JapanaFest 2020

Atlanta, GA

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For more information about the event, feel free to contact us.
Email: admin@japanfest.org

Phone number: (404) 842-0736

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