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Specially Planned for Kids

JapanFest is a family friendly event that creates fun and memorable times for adults and children. Children 6 years and under are free, and K-12 schools can apply for free tickets to JapanFest. JapanFest offers various programs for children, such as the Children's Room with activities, Japanese Bon Dance in which everyone can participate, Ginza Street, the recreation of Japanese festival settings with street games and toys, many educational and cultural performances, and much more. Below are some of the activities we offer during JapanFest. (Subject to change) 

Kids at JapanFests

Children's Area

Activities ​ include;

  • Kamishibai

  • Origami

  • Coloring

  • Arts and Crafts

Yamaha on JBiG

Rides and Games at JBig

Rides such as:

  • Yamaha jet skis

  • Kubota excavator

  • ​And many other games and experiences

Bon Odori

Bonodori Dance

Everyone is welcome to join the Japanese Bon Dance. Bon Dance consists of repeating simple steps and hand movements that anybody, even small children, can learn in a matter of minutes. It creates a joyful time as everyone moves in one direction with the same moves, creating unity with others.

Children at JapanFest

​Japanese Festival Games

Fun games include::

  • Toy Goldfish scooping

  • Wanage - Ring toss

  • Stamp rally

Ginza Dori toy for sale

Japanese Toys

  • Japanese Consulate exhibits Japanese traditional games such as Fukuwarai, Koma, Yoyo, and Daruma Otoshi.

  • Many toys and gifts only available in Japan are available for purchase.

Kids eating cotton candy J

Japanese Festival Food

Food includes:

  • Kakigori shaved ice

  • Wataame

  • ​Yakisoba

  • Onigiri

  • ​Takoyaki

  • Yakitori

Children activities


Experiences include:

  • Japanese Candy Making

  • Drum Taiko 

  • Tea Ceremony

  • Porcelain Painting

  • Samurai Sword Boot Camp

  • Shamisen Music Playing

Children peform Karate


  • Samurai performance

  • Shamisen Music

  • Hanagasa Ondo Dance

  • Traditional Japanese Dance

  • Sumo wrestling

  • Martial arts

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