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Volunteers Wanted!

JapanFest is a fantastic event that simply wouldn't be possible without the help of our amazing volunteers. We're looking for people with a passion for Japan and a willingness to help make this year's event the best yet! Sign up today and join us in making this the weekend of a lifetime for everyone who attends.



Stage manager and emcee

The stage manager works closely with the performers, the venue crew and the emcees to ensure that all performances run smoothly and on schedule. 

The emcee is responsible for making announcements, introducing performers and engage the audience and keep them entertained as necessary.


Venue guide

The venue guide will be on hand to assist visitors with directions, schedules, and other helpful information. Be sure to help with missing children and ensure that traffic flow is unimpeded. Notify JapanFest staff immediately of any problems that arise during the event.


Performer's assistant

The performer's assistant is responsible for ensuring that our guest performers' needs are met. This includes controlling the traffic, guiding them to the next location and ensuring they have everything they need, such as props, costumes, food and drinks. In the event that they only speak Japanese, language guidance may also be required.


Information booth and reception

Volunteers at the information booth and receptions must be well-versed in JapanFest. Your duties include providing information on all aspects of JapanFest, such as the schedule, locations, lost and found, ticketing, missing children, guiding performers, and volunteers. You will also sell T-shirts and other products. You will be placed in the most central locations and will work closely with JapanFest staff.


Survey taker

It is crucial to survey visitors and gain insight into their perceptions of the event. This information will inform future event planning and direction. The more people who participate in the survey, the more accurate the results will be. Survey takers should possess excellent communication skills and be able to engage with people effectively, as well as manage the lines of people willing to take the survey for prizes.


​Many more positions available

There are many more positions available to suit your talent. We’d love to hear from you if you have a talent that could contribute to our event!This is a great opportunity to experience volunteering at one of a kind cultural event. You are expected to be volunteering for 4 hours and the rest of the days you can enjoy JapanFest as a visitor. You will receive a volunteer T-shirt as a gift after your shift. This is a great resume builder for students and let us know if you need our signature for your volunteering time. 

Volunteer Policy

Volunteers that are accepted to any shifts within JapanFest 2024 must respect and abide by these policies while at JapanFest 2024. 


General Information

  • Volunteers are assigned tasks and duties to complete during their shifts. ust be able to devote time and effort to the event before, during and after.

  • Volunteers are expected to complete 3 to 4 volunteer hours during the event (maybe more in select shifts). Arrive on time and stay for your complete shift.

  • Volunteers are required to abide by the same terms and conditions of Exhibitor, Vendor, Performer.

  • By volunteering with JapanFest, you agree to the JapanFest 2024 Visitor Terms & Conditions set forth.

  • You need to complete a waiver from your parents if you are under 18 years of age. (The volunteer coordinator will send it to you.)


For more information, please contact:
Hailey Brett

Volunteer sign up coming soon

Questions? Contact JapanFest Volunteer Coordinator

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