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From the world-famous Sumo to Karate, you can enjoy various Japanese sports and martial arts demonstrations while learning how the athletes train to be a master of their sport. 

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Taido, a Japanese martial art founded in 1965, combines traditional Okinawan karate with innovative techniques to overcome limitations observed in existing martial arts. It emphasizes dynamic body movements, rapid footwork, and changes in body angles to prepare practitioners for effective navigation in society. The practice of Taido incorporates scientific methodology and traditional values to advance martial arts. Techniques involve shifting body axis, footwork, and gymnastic movements to avoid attacks and set up counterattacks.

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Karate originated in Okinawa and was influenced by Chinese martial arts, involving striking, throwing, and joint locking techniques. It also focuses on spiritual development and follows rules like dōjō kun emphasizing character perfection, effort, and respect. Its inclusion in the 2020 Summer Olympics highlighted its global popularity among millions of practitioners.

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Sumo is a Japanese style of wrestling with origins in ancient rituals performed to entertain Shinto deities. The sport has evolved throughout history, incorporating various cultural and religious practices. Today, sumo is Japan’s national sport, governed by the Japan Sumo Association and attracting fans both domestically and internationally.

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Shinkendo, a style of Japanese swordsmanship, is a contemporary martial art that strives to amalgamate the principles and methods of diverse traditional Japanese sword schools into a cohesive and all-encompassing system. The art of Japanese swordsmanship has a rich heritage deeply rooted in the customs of the Samurai or Bushi, with numerous schools evolving over the course of centuries. As society gradually embraced tranquility, numerous Ryuha emerged, each with its own distinctive training techniques and approaches. Nevertheless, Shinkendo endeavors to dismantle the divisions among these schools and reintegrate their teachings into a harmonized practice.


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Kendo is a traditional Japanese martial art that originated from the ancient samurai swordsmanship known as kenjutsu. It involves fencing with two-handed bamboo swords called shinai and emphasizes discipline, character development, and skill-building. Kendo practitioners, known as kendoka or kenshi, wear protective armor called bōgu during practice and competitions. The main goal of kendo is to cultivate the human character through rigorous training and application of sword techniques.

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Ninjutsu is an ancient martial art from feudal Japan, involving unconventional warfare tactics and espionage. Skilled operatives known as ninjas practiced it, serving as spies, scouts, and assassins for feudal lords. Ninjutsu includes combat techniques, stealth, disguise, escape, concealment, archery, medicine, and assassination methods. It emphasizes non-detection and stealth to achieve objectives without direct confrontation.

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