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Ginza Street

Finding Japan in Every Corner

At Ginza Street, visitors can enjoy the atmosphere of Natsumatsuri, the traditional Japanese summer festival with authentic games, gifts and toy shops, Wataame, and festival snacks.

Image by Finan Akbar

Ginza Street ​is Brought to You by
Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Georgia (JCCG)
JapanFest thanks all the volunteers from the Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Georgia member companies.
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Tentative Line-up for 2024
*Subject to change


Omikuji - Japanese Fortune Slip

Test your luck with Omikuji! Omikuji is a paper slip with the result of fortune-telling written on it. Many Japanese shrines and temples offer this omikuji to tell your fortune and give you advice on how to improve your life in the future. If your Omikuji tells you that your fortune is not so good, tie it to the tree. By tying the fortune to the tree, you are leaving your bad luck there rather than having it follow you home.

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Kingyo Sukui - Goldfish Scooping Game

Kingyo-sukui is a traditional Japanese game in which a player scoops goldfish with a paper scooper called a "poi." The players puts the scooped fish into a bowl with the poi. The game is over when the poi is completely broken or incapable of scooping properly.  At JapanFest, you catch a plastic toy gold fish.


Kakigori - Japanese Shave Ice

Kakigori is a Japanese shaved ice dessert flavored with syrup and a sweetener, often condensed milk. It is similar to a snow cone but with some notable differences: It has a much smoother, fluffier ice consistency, much like freshly fallen snow, and a spoon is almost always used to eat it. 


Japanese Carnival Games

New!  Senbonbiki will be a hit at JapanFest! It is a Japanese carnival game that offers the chance to win various items such as snacks, toys, or sometimes even coupons. Prizes are attached to one end of a string. The other ends are collected together in one bundle.  Wanage, the ring toss, is always popular by the challenger. Kids or kids at heart can all try the Japanese carnival games at Ginza Street! 


Kanmidokoro - Japanese tea and sweets

New! Kanmidokoro is a traditional Japanese confectionery shop that specialize in serving Japanese tea and sweets.  In Japan, visiting a Kanmidokoro is not only about enjoying delicious desserts but also experiencing a piece of Japanese culinary culture and tradition. These shops offer a wide range of sweets, including wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets), anmitsu (a dessert made with agar jelly, fruits, sweet syrup, and other ingredients), mochi (chewy rice cakes), dorayaki (red bean pancake sandwiches), and many more delightful creations. You can enjoy a bit of Kanmidokoro experience at Ginza Street, JapanFest 2024


Wafu Komono - Traditional Japanese Gifts

Travel thousands of miles to Japan to get authentic Japanese gifts, or just come to Ginza Street in JapanFest.  So many cool "Omiyage" are available.

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