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Saturday & Sunday
September 26-27, 2020

2020 Applications opening soon.....​

You made JapanFest 2019 one of our best years yet, with over 25,000 visitors! We had such a great time welcoming you, and we are looking forward you again soon!

Here are the winners of our 2019 200-Word Story Contest! Each of our winners gets to choose two JapanFest t-shirts of their choice.


First Prize



#Dawnamatrix kimono latex fashion show was so lit that we had to fan ourselves to cool us down! Traditional kimono fittings was very historical lesson to learn and beautiful! #KimOhNo Got to experience a taste of Japan, with their Okonomiyaki and Sapporo Black beer, which pairs well together! Met very nice Japanese strangers, that were exchange students from Georgia State University, at the eating tables and shared foods to rate authenticity of Japanese foods. The saying goes "come as strangers, leave as friends." #Japanfest2019, where America and Japan bond together to create a special diverse and immersive cultural experience. A great way to end it was a big #kampai (cheers) with the Japanese momo (peach) sake, and to more upcoming Japanfest! #sayonaraJapanfest2019 #herewegoJapanfest2020

-By Jane Pak

Editor's Note: This was chosen as first place because of its clever spoof of social media, grammatical errors and all. With a "you are there" modern feel that sets the scene, your description makes us want to be at JapanFest 2020 for sure!

Second Prize

The Pilgrimage

All year long, I look forward to going to the JapanFest in Atlanta.  

This year was no different.  I got to meet some wonderful people waiting in line.  And it got better from there.  

Being Japanese from Hawaii and living in the South can be very lonely.  But once a year,  I  hear "What school you went?"   That's the Hawaii version of "Where are you from?"   

I get to eat food my okaachan* used to make or something I can't find in South Carolina.  The chichi dango was delicious.  

I got my fortune, it wasn't good, but it gave me hope.  I found some trinkets and tee shirts.  And I got to see the taiko drummers.  

I'm tired, but can't stop smiling. Who says you can't go home again?

-Merle Burge


Editor's Note: This piece strikes deep in the heart. Those of us who are bi- or even tri-cultural really understand how you feel. It is so comforting to be with our own tribe, whatever and wherever that may be, and you've reminded us of the importance of celebrating our multiple identities out in the open.  

Third Prize


The JapanFest

Saturday, I entered the doors of Japanfest. My eyes were filled with amazement! A whole bunch of cosplay stuff and every room filled with people! 

I wait a couple of minutes with my mom, bro, and baby bro in a dark room. I think they will be doing a play soon, and boom! I was right. This play was called Samurai Soul Sword which I think was the best part of my experience. It was a masterpiece! It had action and comedy.


After that I went to the art area where I made music and looked at other art from different artists. I admired every piece of art that was there. I also took a picture.

The very best thing...I got a Naruto headband and now I am a true Shinobi!


I honestly think Japanfest was a blast. I loved it and hope to come again next year. Bye! 


-Santana Long

Editor's Note: The pure delight in discovering Japan through fresh eyes is what JapanFest is all about. And yes, there is so much more to come. Thank you so much for sharing your unique perspective with us!

​Years of JapanFest Atlanta!


last Year... We Took a Virtual Trip to Japan 

in Atlanta, Georgia​

Saturday & Sunday

September 21-22, 2019 


Our 33rd JapanFest this year was all about "traveling" to Japan to
enjoy the traditions, natural beauty, and pop culture of the nation that is hosting the 2020 Olympics!
2019 was a tremendously successful year thanks to our 25,000 visitors, sponsors, vendors, performers, and volunteers.
A production of JapanFest Inc., a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit, and supported by the Japan-America Society of Georgia and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Georgia, we invite you to attend our yearly celebration of the longstanding, warm relationship between Japan and the United States in the Southeastern region.
We can't wait to see you again in 2020!
2019 Special Guest Performers
​Experience the Rich Culture of Japan, Right Here in Georgia.

Performances. Shopping. Workshops. Food.

2019 is our 33rd year!
Onward to the 34th in 2020!
Guest performers from Japan and local Japanese cultural experts
OVER 20,000
​participants each year
​Over 120 vendors selling original Japanese goods and food 


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