JapanFest 2020

Atlanta, GA

"Wasshoi" in Japanese means "to unify the peoples' hearts together, rise up and be full of enjoyment". 
This is our theme for JapanFest Atlanta 2020! 

To adopt our "New Normal with COVID-19" JapanFest 2020 will go virtual for the first time in its history!  Have fun exploring the multi-layered culture of Japan. We will be hosting plenty of events for you to participate in at our virtual festival!


Immerse yourself, together with your family and friends, in all things Japanese!

JapanFest Inc., a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit

Supported by the Japan-America Society of Georgia and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Georgia

Video in the Spotlight

Matsuriza - Japanese Taiko Drummers

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Virtual JapanFest Lineups

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in contribution to COVID-19 relief efforts

Every dollar donated through JapanFest will go to "Giving Kitchen", an organization to provide emergency assistance to food service workers through financial support and a network of community resources. Please click the button below to support people in Georgia to rise up together!

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・Honda Precision Parts of Georgia ・Yachiyo Mfg. of America・Hylant ・The Dig ・ Gwinnett Daily Post ・ Anime Weekend Atlanta ・In Memory of Shigenobu Machida ・KPMG ・ Atlanta Parent Magazine  ・ Panasonic Automotive Systems  ・Toppan Printing  

JapanaFest 2020

Atlanta, GA

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For more information about the event, feel free to contact us.
Email: admin@japanfest.org

Phone number: (404) 842-0736

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