• Kazuko Lillie

Yoshi Amao, Modern Samurai - Wasshoi Wednesday #2

Today we have the honor of introducing Yoshi Amao (ヨシ天尾) to our readers! He is an actor, emcee, and samurai martial artist that has been entertaining since 1990, including entertaining JapanFest crowds for the past 8 years! Keep reading to learn more about Yoshi and some exciting announcements about Virtual JapanFest!

Yoshi was born in Osaka, Japan, grew up in Nara, and is now based in New York. After studying under the samurai master Tahei Waki, Yoshi formed a unique theater company called Samurai Sword Soul in 2003. He has been trying to spread Bushido (samurai code of chivalry, or, Way of the Warrior) to the world, as well as present samurai sword fighting as “Cool & Fun”.

Yoshi has had numerous appearances in TV and movies. In 2004 he was cast for the Japanese TV series Samurai Sportsman (OLN), and was invited to The Late Night with Conan O'Brien (NBC) later that year. He also performed as the lead actor and co-choreographer in the off-Broadway production Deadly She-Wolf, Assassin at Armageddon! which was highly acclaimed by New York Times.

Other TV show credits are Mr. Robot (USA), Blacklist (NBC), Billions (Showtime), and White Collar (USA).

Film credits include The Beaver (Dir. Jody Foster), My Daughter Yoshiko (Dir. Brian Blum), and Beneath Fiery Sky (Dir. Nick &Adam Hayes).

Younger readers might recognize Yoshi as the host for the Disney XD show Japanizi : Going, Going, Gong!. He as also hosted for TV shows Big in Japan (Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal) and Domingo Show (Brazil/Record TV).

We at JapanFest are excited to announce that Yoshi Amao will be holding an exclusive Webinar on Friday, June 26th! We will be announcing details in the coming week, so please make sure to keep an eye on our website!

Yoshi was also kind enough to record a special video letter for JapanFest attendees, both past and present.

You can also check out more about Yoshi Amao and Samurai Sword Soul.

"This is our honorable 9th appearance at JapanFest.

We always have a great time in Atlanta.

Thank you so much for having us again!" From, Yoshi Amao