• Kazuko Lillie

Special Summer Camp! - Wasshoi Wednesday #6

With summer well underway, we know there are many families looking for ways to entertain their kids while still being as safe as possible. We're happy to announce that next week JapanFest and The Japan-America Society of Georgia will be putting on a Virtual Summer Camp!

Our theme is "Explore Japan" and we've been working hard to plan a week full of virtual activities for families of all ages to enjoy! Summer Camp will be taking place across multiple platforms; Zoom, YouTube, the JASG website, and even Netflix! Here's a short preview of what the daily schedule will look like:


Wake up your body with some fun radio taiso (radio exercises) and wake up your brain with some mini-Japanese lessons!

Noon: Spread out a comfy blanket in front of your TV and enjoy your lunch while joining in the Netflix Pokemon Party!

Afternoon: Each afternoon will be packed with different events! Start by getting out your pencils and markers before printing out our daily activity sheet to do with your family. Then join us over on Zoom to meet our daily special guests; maybe they will tell you some Japanese folktales or teach you how to make origami!

Each day will end with a different video or Webinar, but we don't want to tell you everything here! (.......Ok, fine, hint: it involves sushi....and maybe some dancing....but you didn't hear that from us!)

We're very excited for next week and hope you and your family will join us! Click here to register, and check out our countdown timer here. See you next week!