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Making Smiles with Mariko Iwasa - Wasshoi Wednesday #14

A week ago we shared a fun video message to the JapanFest community, made by the talented Mariko Iwasa! She has a special talent for making people smile and laugh, making everyone forget their troubles for just a little bit. We could all use more laughs and smiles during these difficult times, so we're excited to have Mariko performing for Virtual JapanFest 2020! Keep reading to learn all about Mariko and the details for her performances for our Finale Weekend!

Mariko is a NY-based clown and physical comedian.She is a 2019 Bindlestiff Family Circus First of May Award recipient for her first self-produced solo show entitled “Shout and Feel It!!!”.

She was also awarded Best Supporting Actress at the Syracuse Area Live Theater Awards for her role as SNOOPY in the 2018 Redhouse Theater production of “A Charlie Brown Christmas”

Mariko spent about four years delighting crowds nationwide as a clown for the world-renowned Ringling Brothers Circus. She continues to perform in theater, orchestra or music live , children’s event etc..both New York and Tokyo, creating original featurettes melding classical tap, juggling and slapstick comedy. She hopes to spread the joy of circus art and vaudeville to contemporary audiences of all ages.

You can follow Mariko Iwasa on:

Youtube: youtube.com/c/MarikoIwasaTheHandmadeTheater

Instagram: instagram.com/comedyrosso7

Website: marikoiwasa.com

Twitter: twitter.com/marikorosso

Support her by donating to her PayPal

You can catch Mariko Iwasa's performance on our Virtual Finale Weekend - Sept. 26 & 27

The show will only be available to watch in our VIP Room!

Purchase your VIP tickets now at japanfest.org/event-details/vip-access

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