• Kazuko Lillie

Let's Have a Finale! - Wasshoi Wednesday #12

With the unusual circumstances COVID-19 has brought us this year, we've done our best to give our JapanFest community access to fun activities over the past few months. From Summer Camp Week to our Bon Odori practices on Zoom, we've enjoyed being able to provide everyone with an extended (and virtual) JapanFest! Today, we're excited to give our readers a preview for the upcoming month, our last month of Virtual JapanFest 2020, that includes our big finale weekend (September 26th and 27th)!

Sponsor Week (August 24th - 28th)

OK, so this one starts just a week shy of the final month....but it's still something we're looking forward to, especially here on the blog! We always have very generous sponsors who help make JapanFest better and better every year. We're especially grateful during this difficult year, so we're taking a week to show the 2020 sponsors the appreciation they deserve. Here on the blog we will be highlighting different sponsors each day, so everyone can learn more about their business and what they offer to both the local and global community! Please look forward to daily blog posts starting next Monday!

Finale Weekend Programs We can't reveal all of our plans for the Finale Weekend right now (sorry!), but we can guarantee there will be some familiar faces from past JapanFest as well as from the previous months! We will have special "areas" on our website, including the Alfac Stage, Children's Area, and Anime Village. Each place will be the access point for various activities, including storytimes, dancing, and workshops for all ages! If you haven't been able to join us for any performances or workshops these past months, we hope you can join us for Finale Weekend!

Shopping and Food

Both the Food Court and Marketplace are popular areas every year, so we're doing our best to replicate both for our Finale Weekend! We already have our Virtual Marketplace up for your web shopping needs (if you'd like to join us as a vendor, please feel free to fill out an application!) As for the Food Court....well we can't email you your food, so we tried to come up with a realistic alternative! We're working with this year's food vendors to give JapanFest guests special, Finale Weekend-only deals so you can pick up your favorite foods to enjoy during Virtual JapanFest! We hope you're getting excited about Finale Weekend! We know nothing can compare to everyone being together in person, but we've done our best to bring enjoyment to you all during these strange times! Let's enjoy Virtual JapanFest together, and hopefully, we can all see each other next year! See you next week for our special Sponsor Week!