• Kazuko Lillie

Subarashii Sponsors!- Sakura Level

Today we are highlighting our Sakura Level Sponsor, Honda Precision Parts! They, like so many of us, have been trying to adapt to the "new normal" while helping out their local community out in west Georgia. Here is their experience in their own words:

Honda Precision Parts of Georgia, LLC These past few months, we’ve been struggling to figure out how we can support our community during the pandemic where we have to maintain social distance in order to keep others safe.

From the corporate standpoint (Hondas in North America), as far as the State of Georgia is concerned, we were able to donate $25,000 between two food banks in Atlanta and Tallapoosa, GA.

Locally here at HPPG, we were able to serve hot meals at the soup kitchen in Tallapoosa, as well as host a blood drive in June.

Various volunteer activities, both physical and virtual, matching gift programs, PPE donations etc. are happening across North America by individuals and through companies under a slogan (and logo) of “Honda Standing Strong.”

Though it’s hard to conduct business in the manufacturing facility in this COVID-19 era (implementing social distance guidelines, 100% mask usage, fever scan etc.), we are rallying under the banner of “Honda Standing Strong” and try to do the best we can to support each other and our community.

We at JapanFest Atlanta would once again like to thank our generous Sakura Level sponsor for their generous contribution!