• Kazuko Lillie

Subarashii Sponsor- Aflac!

JapanFest Atlanta is honored to kick off the Sponsor Week blogs with our first Subarashii Sponsor, Aflac, Inc.! They are our Gold Sponsor this year, and have been generously contributing to JapanFest Atlanta for several years (we even named a stage after them!). We're happy to have them back for Virtual JapanFest!

While Aflac is an American insurance company (they're based in Columbus, GA!), they have a huge international presence, especially in Japan. In fact, many Japanese people think Alfac was founded in Japan! Today, we want to introduce you all to some other wonderful contributions Aflac makes to both the local and international communities!

For 65 years, Aflac has had the extraordinary opportunity and privilege to help provide peace of mind to individuals who have our supplemental insurance policies. Though many things have changed over the decades, one thing has not: Aflac is committed to being there when people need us most. But this promise extends far beyond our policyholders. Twenty-five years ago, Aflac made a commitment to children with cancer and their families, and since that time we have donated more than $145 million to pediatric cancer research and awareness.

My Special Aflac Duck®

In 2018, Aflac debuted an innovation that revolutionized its commitment to childhood cancer research and treatment: My Special Aflac Duck. This social robot is making a direct impact on the lives of children with cancer by providing comfort and joy through interactive technology and medical play. Grounded in the insight that kids need more than medicine to cope with cancer, Aflac teamed up with Sproutel to create a companion for young patients during cancer care. To date, more than 8,800 children across the U.S. have received a My Special Aflac Duck of their very own, and Aflac is committed to ensuring every child age 3 and up diagnosed with cancer has the opportunity to have one. In Japan, Aflac has partnered with more than 20 hospitals to get a My Special Aflac Duck into the hands of more than 300 children with cancer.

Aflac Parents House, Japan

The Aflac Parents House in Japan provides cheerful and spacious accommodations where pediatric patients and their families can stay together in a home-away-from-home environment while they take on the task of fighting cancer or other serious diseases. Aflac Japan joined with the Children's Cancer Association of Japan to build Aflac Parents Houses, which are comprehensive support centers for children and their parents who are traveling for medical treatment. Through generous donations from Aflac Japan’s employees and sales agents, the three Aflac Parents Houses have helped thousands of children and their families battling chronic diseases like pediatric cancer.

Aflac Scholarship Fund for Childhood Cancer Survivors and Children of Cancer Victims

Not only is Aflac Japan committed to serving and helping children battling cancer, it also works very hard to provide support to those who have lost a parent to cancer. The Aflac Scholarship Fund for Childhood Cancer Survivors and Children of Cancer Victims was established to provide financial assistance to high school students who have lost a parent to cancer, with the goal of lessening the financial burden associated with attending high school. Each year the program disperses funds to eligible recipients facing economic hardship who meet a specified level of academic achievement. Each scholarship recipient receives ¥20,000 per month to assist them with educational and living expenses until they graduate from high school. Thus far, Aflac Japan is proud to have provided this scholarship to more than 2,900students.

We at JapanFest Atlanta want to again thank Aflac, Inc. for their generosity and sponsorship year after year!