• Kazuko Lillie

始めましょう~! Let's Begin!

For the first time in 34 years, JapanFest will be taking a new direction…. We’re going virtual!

Due to COVID-19, our organizing committee came to the unanimous conclusion this was the safest way to still hold JapanFest while keeping everyone’s safety a top priority.

It was during these discussions that we also decided our theme for JapanFest 2020;

"WOW". Wasshoi One World: Rise up together!"

This inspiring theme celebrates unity in both our local and international communities in times of difficulty. 2020 has been a challenging year so far, but we have seen many wonderful examples of people coming together to support one another. We hope that in the coming months we can show our own appreciation for the community that continues to support us every year, as well as put a smile on your face. The other major change we’ve made for this year is that JapanFest starts….now!

We have so many entertaining events planned, we couldn’t possibly fit it all into our normal two days. Each month leading up to September will be filled with Webinars from past JapanFest performers, fun activities for all ages, and interactive challenges happening on our social media. Our “grand finale” will be on September 30th.

Please follow us on all our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) as well as this blog! We will have “Wasshoi Wednesdays” where we highlight our various events as well as some of the people behind JapanFest favorites. Next week we will be talking with Yoshi Amao, who's samurai show has been well loved by attendees over the years!

We would like to thank Japanfest Board of directors, The Japan-America Society of Georgia, The Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Georgia, The Consulate-General of Japan, JBig-Japanese Businesses of Georgia, and our sponsors for making this possible.

See you next week!


The JapanFest Committee