• Kazuko Lillie

Social Media - Wasshoi Wednesdays #1

Are you following JapanFest on your favorite social media account? We have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts so everyone can stay up to date on all things JapanFest! With this year’s Virtual JapanFest we want to make sure everyone can have fun, even when social distancing. We’ve drawn up an exciting schedule filled with fun challenges and activities for all our followers! Please make sure you're following us on one (or all!) of our social media accounts to get information about specific rules and deadlines, as well as participate.

Starting next week (6/8) we will begin with a caption contest; we're looking for your funniest caption! (Make sure to use the hashtag #MyJapanFestCaption) The deadline will be 6/14 at 11:59 PM EST; after submissions close, we will select a winner to re-share on all our platforms!

The same week we will have our first fun for all ages activity! It's a JapanFest machigai sagashi , also known as spot the difference! Share the pictures with your friends and family and challenge each other to see who can find all the differences the fastest! We're looking forward to having fun with everyone!