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Call for those interested in becoming a JapanFest Influencer!

Do you have 5000+ followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or YouTube? We are looking for influencers to help us spread the word about JapanFest & help promote the best cultural festival in the Southeast If you are interested in becoming a JapanFest Influencer Partner, please apply by clicking below!

Please apply by August 10th. Confirmation emails will be sent to selected applicants by August 15th.

Partnership Benefits: 5 free JapanFest tickets for you, your family and friends ($100 value)

10 additional free tickets for you to give away to your followers! ($200 value)

Free 2023 JapanFest Offical T-shirt

Cross Promotion: We will promote you on our website and social media as a JapanFest Influencer Partner.

Requirements: Have at least 5K subscribers/followers

Promote JapanFest at least twice in August and once right before JapanFest Day*.

Upon completion of the campaign, you must send us proof of the promotion.

  • Please note that this is a partnership, and you will not be compensated.

  • After you complete the second promotion, we will send you the free tickets. You can pick up your free T-shirt at the festival information booth on the day of JapanFest.

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