Please note that JapanFest's insurance only covers claims or suits made against JapanFest, Inc. by festival attendees, NOT festival participants such as vendors, performers, martial arts demonstrators, workshop leaders, exhibitors, etc. 


Any accident where a JapanFest participant (i.e. your organization) is not participatory, JapanFest's general liability insurance acts as primary coverage. 

Therefore, it is best for you to have your own insurance, especially if you are a vendor or exhibitor of breakable items, as we will not be able to cover any damages. 

If you have insurance for the items you will be selling or displaying, the certificate should show JapanFest, Inc. as the certificate holder and, if possible, show JapanFest, Inc. as an additional insured respective of JapanFest. 

Furthermore, all JapanFest participants are required to agree to the following Release and Waiver:

For valuable consideration received (including the opportunity to participate in JapanFest), receipt of which is 


I (i) release each JapanFest Release from any losses that the undersigned or any of its officers, directors, employees, agents, or affiliates may sustain in connection with its or their participation in or attendance at JapanFest and (ii) agree to indemnify, defend and hold each JapanFest Release harmless from and against any losses that may be imposed upon or asserted against any JapanFest Release as a result of, or in connection with, (1) my (or any of my officers, directors, employees, agents or affiliates) participation in or attendance at JapanFest or (2) any action or inaction by my officers, directors, employees, agents or affiliates. I am aware of the hazards involved in such participation or attendance and agree to accept all risk of property damage and personal injury (including death) related to such hazards. When used herein, (A) "Loss" shall mean and include any loss, liability, obligation, damage, claim, lawsuit, injury (including death) cost or expense whatsoever (including attorneys' fees) and however and whenever arising and (B) "JapanFest Release" shall mean and include JapanFest, Inc., the Consulate General of Japan, the Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Georgia and the Japan-America Society of Georgia and each of their respective officers, directors, trustees, employees, agents, affiliates and successors. This Release and Waiver is binding upon the undersigned's successors, heirs, and personal representatives. I agree, and it is my intent, to sign this record/document and affirmation by clicking the "Yes" box and electronically submitting this record/document to JapanFest. I understand that my signing and submitting this record/document in this fashion is the legal equivalent of having placed my handwritten signature on the submitted record/document and this affirmation. 


By registering to this event, you are agreeing to release JapanFest Inc. from any and all liability associated with 

this JapanFest event. 

By registering, attending or viewing this JapanFest virtual event, registrants and attendees agree not to rebroadcast, re-transmit, record or share any of the content of this event without express written permission by JapanFest as these actions are strictly prohibited with strict penalties under U.S. Copyright laws. 

JapanFest reserves the right to reject and refuse any registrations and attendance at this event for any reason and at any time. 

By registering or attending this JapanFest event registrants give permission for their images captured during the event through video, livestream and/or photo to be used in promotional and commercial materials, publications, and on related JapanFest websites, and waive any and all rights including, but not limited to, compensation or ownership. 

By registering or attending JapanFest, registrants and attendees give permission for their contact information to be shared with associated third-party vendors, event sponsors and be included into the JapanFest newsletter distribution list. If a registrant or attendee would like to opt-out, a written request must be sent to admin@japanfest.org 


JapanFest is an annual celebration of Japanese culture designed to promote understanding between Japanese and Americans in the Southeastern United States. All applying participants, including vendors and exhibitors, must be connected to Japan and help promote Japan and Japanese culture. If you would like to participate in promoting your organization, products, and/or services unrelated to Japan or Japanese culture, we encourage you to become a sponsor [CLICK HERE FOR SPONSOR PAGE].


All organizations should have submitted their virtual content by August 31, 2020. The virtual festival will be held until September 30, 2020 5PM. 

Vendors are required to handle their own sales and income tax. 

All items sold and displayed must relate to Japan. The sale of non-Japanese items is prohibited. Any vendor found to be selling items not relating to Japan will have their shop removed from the website and banned from participating in JapanFest in future years. 

The sale of non-licensed and/or pirated merchandise is strictly prohibited. Any vendor found to be selling pirated merchandise will be removed from the website and banned from participating in JapanFest in future years. 


JapanFest accepts no responsibility for any lost, damaged, or stolen property/contents, including (but not limited to) any loss or damage during the shipping process or posting stolen images. 


Anyone found submitting or posting inappropriate material will be immediately removed. Final decisions will be made by the Festival Organizing Committee. 



We reserve the right to remove your content from the official JapanFest Virtual Festival website and refuse to refund any fees if your behavior was to be judged inappropriate by the Festvial Organizing Committee. 

JapanFest’s priority is the safety of all attendees. The following acts of disruptive behavior will not be tolerated: cyber bullying, flaming, hacking, stealing personal data, attacking network servers, or interfering with online meetings and webinars, or any other failure to follow the rules. 

JapanFest can and will take action against any type of disruptive behavior, even beyond the behaviors mentioned above. Attendees that cause disruption and cause continuous problems may be warned, asked to leave, or even face inquiries from the police (depending on severity). 


JapanFest is a family friendly event and we have a no-tolerance policy for any inappropriate adult content and displays and products of violent nature. You are not allowed to display any inappropriate items, products, or services at your virtual booth at any time before, during, and after festival hours. The JapanFest Organizing Committee reserves the right to remove such displays or products and any refusal will result in the disqualification of individuals involved from participating in this year’s event and future events. 



No sales of bladed products or weaponry are allowed at JapanFest. If you wish to sell bladed products and other weaponry, you will be required to receive prior permission from JapanFest and only present samples. However, FAKE bladed products will be permitted for sale. 

You can only sell the products by taking orders. You hold the sole responsibility of the taking, shipping, and returns of your orders as well as customer service regarding your orders. 

Vendors must be able to be reached and provide adequate contact information for their customers. JapanFest is not responsible for communication between vendors and their customers, including but not limited to questions, sales transactions, shipping, and returns. 

JapanFest reserves the right to remove anyone and their content from convention website at any time. 


Be aware that you are responsible for assisting with the safety of your exhibits. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact a member of the JapanFest Organizing Committee for assistance. You will be able to reach JapanFest for safety issues via email at admin@japanfest.org or via phone at 404-842-0736. Please check JapanFest Atlanta’s twitter (@atljapanfest) for any emergency updates. 


JapanFest has a clear NO WEAPONS policy that will be enforced. Regardless if it is sheathed, holstered or peacebound. This includes (but is not limited to): firearms, knives, bludgeons, stun guns, brass knuckles, bows strung with tense string/capable of firing, bullets, grenades, landmines etc. 

JapanFest reserves the right to remove anyone from the festivalwebsite at any time. 

If the website is shut down for any reason, JapanFest will send an emergency update through Twitter along with an update when the website is back up. 


JapanFest will not be held responsible for the website being temporarily or permanently shut down. 


An application is a commitment to attend JapanFest. No refunds will be made for cancellation. JapanFest Inc. does not guarantee application acceptance to any organization. In the event your application is not accepted by the organizing committee, a full refund of the required advance virtual space rental will be refunded. 


JapanFest reserves the right to cancel or postpone the festival due to unforeseen circumstances.
All registrations are non-refundable regardless of the reason for the cancellation. If for any reason JapanFest decides to cancel the event, JapanFest will not be responsible for covering any costs associated with airfare, hotel or other costs incurred by registrants, including attendees, speakers, sponsors or agents. 


*JapanFest reserves the right to edit or change these Terms and Conditions at any time