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Please read the information below before purchasing your tickets. All tickets are digital, and to access your digital ticket, you need to download the Ticketmaster & SafeTix™ app.

By purchasing tickets to this event, you agree to the

 JapanFest 2024 Visitor Terms & Conditions set forth.


Service and facility fees

Please be aware that when purchasing tickets, you will be charged service and facility fees in addition to the ticketing price. While the ticket price covers the cost of providing the high-quality performance and festival experience that patrons have come to expect from JapanFest, additional charges are assessed by the venue and Ticketmaster.​

Ticketmaster & SafeTix™

Ticketmaster is the new official ticketing platform with key features that enhance and secure the ticket purchasing experience.  Buy tickets at Gas South sites or calling (470) 639-8243. To purchase tickets online, go here, click the buy now button, and the purchasing process has begun. It's that simple!


Your Phone Is Your Ticket

  1. Download the Ticketmaster App (Apple or Google Play).

  2. Open the app and sign in to your Ticketmaster account, then tap on My Events to locate your order.

  3. Tap your order to view your tickets. At entry, show your phone to get scanned, and you're in!

Your ticket is valid for one-time use only on either day of the festival.

We also recommend getting an advanced parking ticket for your convenience. 

service fee
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