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Anime Area


With the help of Momocon, this year's Anime Area will be transformed into a more exciting place than ever.  JapanFest has a unique feature: while enjoying the world of Anime, you learn about Japan's authentic culture, experience through the eyes of Anime characters, and eat Japanese street food you have seen in Anime.

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Cosplay Contest

Planning to come to JapanFest with cosplay? Be sure to enroll in the cosplay contest  sponsored and managed by Momocon again this year. Dress as your  favorite character!



Purchase a variety of Anime goods. We have over 50 booths stocked with Japanese Anime goods and Manga.

Image by Jerry Zechariah


Enjoy Video Game Alliance performing at the Hoshizaki Penguin Stage right in the anime area for Super Mario Music.

Michael Yurchak

Special Guest
Michael Yurchak - Voice Actor of Obito/Tobi in Naruto


Brought to you by Plastic Empire

History of Anime

Anime dates back to 1907. Many Japanese artists at the period were influenced by Western animation and made the decision to develop unique national content for Japan. Due to the high cost of the materials and Japan's repeated economic problems brought on by natural catastrophes and then World War II, this was particularly challenging.


The first animated movie was released in Japan in the 1940s with official support of the Japanese government. Japanese comic books, or manga, were handed to the populace after the war. They provided Japanese people with a diversion from the challenging post-war realities.​


Astro Boy, or Tetsuwan Atomu, is frequently cited as the first to enjoy extensive distribution, particularly in the United States.  A large part of anime's continued significance to popular culture outside of Japan is attributed to its rise in popularity in the US throughout the 1990s, a period known as the "anime boom" with the smashing success of Pokémon, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon  and Studio Ghibli

Image by Samuel Berner
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